Fu Song

Research Professor

State Key Laboratory of Computer Science

Institute of Software and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact Information
Email: songfu(at))ios.ac.cn, songfu1983(at)gmail.com(permanent)

Biographical Sketch
Fu Song is a Research Professor at State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences. Fu received his Ph.D. from University Paris Diderot(Paris 7) in 2013. He was an Associate Professor (Tenured) and Assistant Professor School of Information Science and Technology ShanghaiTech University (2016-2023), an Associate Research Professor and Lecturer at School of Computer Science and Software Engineering in the East China Normal University (2013-2016), and a visiting researcher at Computer Security Lab of Nanyang Technological University in 2014. Fu's paper (TACAS 2012) on malware detection won the EASST best paper award at ETAPS 2012.
His research group develops theory and tools to aid the construction of provably dependable and secure systems. His interests are related to Formal Methods (see A Framework for Formal Analysis), cybersecurity (of software and ML/DL systems), Programming Languages and Multi-Agent systems.
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